Covid-19 Procedures

  • I am only taking one guest at ta time in my salon suite.  Please come alone without bringing friends, pets or children.

  • Guests will be asked a predetermined set of questions and have confirmed they are not systematic at the time of their appointment. (If guests have been exposed or are showing any sign of sickness they will ask to be rescheduled)

  • Appointments will be staggered to ensure proper social distancing as well as time for me to disinfect and sanitize items and surfaces in the suite between each client. 

  • I will wear a face mask while greeting guests and preforming salon services

  • Guests are to wait inside their car and text when then arrive. I will meet each guest out front and open all doors into the salon studio for them.

  • Guests are asked to bring and wear a face mask, as recommended by The CDC. Masks are not provided by the salon at this time

  • Guests are asked to be mindful of what they touch and to only touch what's necessary

Sanitation Protocols

Sanitation Protocol: The cleanliness of my salon is and always has been of the utmost importance.

  • All frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected after each use

  • All hair tools, (brushes, shears, etc...) are disinfected after each use.

  • Clean and fresh towels and capes are provided to each guest and laundered after each use

  • Chairs and shampoo bowls are cleaned and disinfected after each use

  • The salon studio and all the items inside the studio (including retail) are cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day